Student Loan Refinancing

One thing that really helped me when it came to paying off my student loans was refinancing. I had around $100,000 in private student loans and the average interest rate was 10.4%. 10.4%!! I came upon Sofi by a recommendation from a friend. I checked them out, did A LOT of research and comparisons and eventually chose to go with Sofi. There are a lot of options but Sofi stood out above the rest. They are designed for the millennial. Simple, straight forward, and provide exceptional service. I was able to refinance for 4.64% which saved me thousands and thousands of dollars. At 10.4% I felt like I was just paying interest every month. Sofi saved me big time!


Bluehost is a life changer when it comes to blogging. I have used many different platforms to build websites for people over the last few years. I discovered Bluehost from a fellow blogger and signed up for an account to give it a try. Since then I have never looked back. It is so easy to use, extremely affordable, and they have a fantastic product. Check out my page on how to start a blog. There I explain in further detail the benefits of Bluehost and how to get started today!


I have traveled a ton over the last few years. That is one of the many benefits to having an income that can be earned from anywhere in the world thanks to the internet! Whenever I book travel I always go through Priceline. They offer the best deals out of anyone and their customer service is great. Check them out!

Free Credit Reports

I have been using Credit Karma for over 5 years now. Their credit service is free and is very useful. My score is updated once every 7 days so I am always on top of any changes.


I have a few investment accounts. I have a couple that are robo-investing and completely hands off. Then I have accounts where I pick my investments. For my hands off account I use Betterment. Betterment is a fantastic company that is great for people that want to invest but don’t want to actively manage their account or don’t know how. For my active trading I use Robinhood. Robinhood provides free trades and has a great, easy to use design.

Side Hustles

The main source of my side hustle income early on was from Fiverr. On Fiverr you can list your services to a large audience if you are a seller. If you are a buyer you can get just about anything done for you. Logo design, web design, marketing, business plans, and on and on. Check them out here!