How to Find Time to Make Extra Money

How to Find Time to Make Extra Money.

It is a common dream and goal of most people to make more money. Making more money allows you to do many things.

  • Pay off your debts easier and faster.
  • Invest more money.
  • Buy your dream home.
  • Travel more.
  • Retire earlier!

One of the many causes that stops people from making extra money is the lack of time. It seems like everyone I know lives a crazy busy life. How can people have time for side hustles?

Well, it really all depends on your priorities and how bad you really want to find time to make extra money.

Some people want it bad enough to find time while others come up with excuses. If you take a deeper look into your weekly schedule I bet you could find some spare time.

Imagine what you could do if an additional 5-10 hours each week were spent generating income.

Whether you want to travel the world, pay off student loans or retire a decade earlier,  making extra money will make your life better.

Whatever your goals and drive are, here are the tips I suggest for How to Find Time to Make Extra Money.

Wake up earlier.

The morning is the best time to get things done. You are fresh and free of distractions.

Try waking up an hour earlier than normal and accomplish a few things before you head out the door to work. It may be tough at first but it only takes 21 days to make it a habit. After those 21 days you wont even notice you’re getting up earlier anymore.

I like to wake up earlier and get a morning run or gym session in. This boosts my energy and gets me ready to rock the day.

If morning workouts aren’t for you try reading or catching up on your favorite blogs. This will open up time later in the day to focus on your work or side hustles.

Rid your day of time wasters.

Time on social media
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Two huge time wasters come to mind right away. Social media and television. According to an article I read in the NyTimes the average millennial watches 26.5 hours of television per week. People age 35-59 are watching 36.5 hours of TV per week.

Imagine what you could do if you just cut that in half. That would be an extra 13+ hours per week or over 50 hours per month. That is more than an entire work week that you could be spending making money instead of watching TV.

Social media isn’t quite as bad coming in at just over an hour and a half per day. Check out this graphic from Social Media Today.

Try and cut back on each a few hours a week and use that time to build your side hustle into a more profitable venture.

Use gaps in your schedule wisely.

Do you ever have a meeting from 11-11:45 and then another one at 12 and figure you can’t do much in 15 minutes so you don’t start anything? This is very common.

15 minutes is 15 minutes. Use this time to prep for what you will work on after the 12 o’clock meeting. Use this time to catch up on your inbox. Use this time to knock out your expense report.

15 minutes may not seem like much by itself. However, when you do this multiple times per day, every day it adds up.

Try and stay productive throughout the day, even when you only have a few minutes. Every minute is a valuable minute.

Stay organized.

Staying organized is key when it comes to using your time wisely. If you spend half your time trying to figure out what to do next you will waste an incredible amount of money earning hours. Everyday the average office worker spend over an hour a day looking for things.

Each Sunday set some time aside to build a schedule for the week.

Stick to your schedule throughout the week and make updates as things pop-up.

Think of your schedule as a time budget. 24 hours is your income. Each task is an expense. Each day all 24 hours should be used. Here is what mine typical work day looks like.

  • Sleep – 6 hours
  • Reading – 1 hour
  • Blogging – 3 hours
  • Side hustles – 7 hours
  • Eating – 1 hour
  • Workout – 1 hour
  • Time with girlfriend – 3 hours
  • Reading emails – 1 hour
  • Researching – 1 hour

Eat at your desk.

Instead of going out to eat or going to the park to eat, try eating at your desk. I almost always do this.

I scarf down my food while I am reading the news or checking email. This allows me to keep being productive.

Even if you unplug and eat for 15 minutes this will still save you 45 per day or over 3.5 hours each week if you normally took an hour.

Give it a try and see how it works for you.

Change your commute.

I used to drive an hour to work and an hour back each day. That is two hours right there that I couldn’t fully dedicate to making money.

If you have a daily commute, whether it is 15 minutes or 2 hours, try ride sharing or public transportation.

Not only will you save money this way, but you will be able to use that time to work. Bring your laptop on the train or use it in the back seat of your rideshare.

This time adds up each week. Even if you use them to knock out small tasks you are at least accomplishing something.

Use this time to check your email or set your schedule for the day. This will allow you to focus on your main items when you have time to sit down and work.

Hire help.

If you already have a nice side hustle going then it is time to reinvest some of that income. Hire virtual assistants or sales people instead of doing everything yourself.

Your time is too valuable to be doing menial tasks. If you charge your clients $100 an hour that means your going rate is $100.

If you spend 5 hours a week managing your social media accounts you are costing yourself $500. Not out of your pocket but in lost business. Hire a freelancer for $20 an hour and automatically you can make an extra $400. You still have to go get those clients but you get the point.

Your time is too valuable to be spending it on things that aren’t your core competency. Focus on what you do best and hire out for the small tasks.


What have you done to find more time to make extra money? Share your strategies below!


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