8 Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

8 Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half. themoneyinsider.com

Each month a significant amount of your budget probably goes to your grocery bill. I have a love hate relationship with grocery stores. I love to eat but I hate to spend money.

The average household spends around 10%, or $6,000, of their income each year. To make matters worse, the price of food seems to go up exponentially compared to wages. This can make it extremely difficult to afford your grocery bill.

Luckily for us there are a few ways in which we can combat this. Here are 8 Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half.

Be Brand Un-Loyal to save on your grocery bill.

There is no hiding the fact that brands are expensive. This holds true in every category not just for groceries.

Most of the time the only difference between brand names and store names are the packaging. If you actually look at the ingredients you will see that a lot of the times they are made of the exact same ingredients. Why pay extra when you can’t tell the difference between the two?

Personally, I buy generic whenever I can. This alone can save you a ton each grocery store trip.

Try different grocery stores.

In most areas there are multiple grocery stores within a few miles. Check out all of the stores ads and visit the ones that have the best sales or coupons that week.

The chances are each store will have what you need so why not shop the store that has the deals that week?

Not sure where to find different stores? Ask your neighbors where they shop. Everyone loves to talk about the good deals they got.

Make a list and stick to it.

When you are still at home create a list of what you need and then when you get to the store only buy those items.

If you go to the store unprepared you are more likely to just grab random things off the shelf while you are walking around.

I used to be bad with this. I would go to the store when I was hungry and buy everything in sight. This was a huge waste of money.

Now I determine what I need and then only buy what is on that list.

Only bring cash with you.

Another great way to limit your spending at the store is to only bring cash.

Create a list of what you need and estimate how much those items will cost. When you go to the store only bring that much cash, leave your plastic at home.

It is sort of difficult to buy unnecessary items when you don’t have a way to pay for them!

Buy in bulk.

Almost everything is cheaper in bulk. If you have a big discount store in your area then go there once a month and stock up on items that can’t go bad.

I like to go to Costco. I can buy toilet paper, paper towels, soap, shampoo, and anything else I need that can’t spoil.

Another way to do this is to stockpile when the sales are going on. I am sure your local store does a 10 for $10 or BOGO deals all the time. These can be huge savings so buy multiple and save them. This deal may not be going on the next time you want to have a meal with those ingredients.

Eat healthier.

Snacks and junk food are expensive. The other day I was walking through the store and a bag of chips was $4. A pack of Oreo’s was $5. That is crazy. Another killer is soda, soda offers no nutritional value whatsoever yet costs a fortune.

Just think, if you buy a few of those items each week. That can add up to over $100 a month or over $1000 a year.

Not only are you wasting money but you are also eating unhealthy.

Kill two birds with one stone and skip the junk food.

Shop the deals.

This may seem obvious but often people just go to the store when they need something.

Figure out when your local grocery stores post their weekly ads. When you are making your shopping list comb through the ads and note what is on sale and when.

My girlfriend always does this. It seems like every week at least a few items are BOGO. We always wait until they are and scoop them up then.

Limit your grocery store visits.

Try and stick to a shopping schedule. Go once a week or once every other week.

The more often you go the easier it is to waste money. It may not seem like you are wasting money since each trip the bill is much lower than if you go once a week. However, this will slowly nickle and dime you until your budget bursts.

Shop the deals, make a list, bring cash, and head to the store once a week.


There are many ways to cut down on your grocery bill. Plan ahead and take advantages of the different methods I mentioned above.

What are some of the ways you have lowered your grocery bills?


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